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Development Solutions

We can help you to get more from your IT systems

Whether you are embarking on a completely new development project or looking to add more functionality to your existing applications or websites, we can help you to build it. We specialise in software development across a wide range of technologies including ASP.NET, C#, PHP and SQL Server.
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Developing an Existing Website or Online Application

If you run an online store or e-business and you need help making changes to the site then we can help. Our standard developer rate is £35/hr but we can work with you to plan specific development targets and ensure that the changes you want are coming in on budget. We provide full after service and will resolve any bugs or emergent issues for free so long as they fall under the original project agreement.


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We can develop new features to reduce your admin burden or help bring in new customers


We can help you to fix bugs or reoccurring errors in your site or application


We provide integration with Mailchimp, PayPal, and other online services


We can help you migrate your website/application to a new server or hosting provider

Free Advice

We are happy to give a free consultation with no strings attached


Experienced in a range of technologies like ASP.NET, C#, PHP and SQL Server

New Application or Web Developments

We can help you transform your project from idea to implementation and take the hassle out of costing and time planning. We have worked on both small developments with budgets of under £1000 and large £100,000+ developments spanning many months but regardless of the project size our low risk, agile methodology remains the same.


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Planning & Documentation

We can work with you to produce a list of initial requirements and a specification for the system to ensure that you receive the right solution

Project Management

We can help you plan development goals and break the project down into smaller deliverables which help manage slippages and feature creep.

Agile Development

We work to an agile pattern and aim to produce an early prototype as fast as possible so you can get an idea of the finished product before investing in a lengthy development cycle.


We understand that software development rarely adheres to a fixed plan so we keep in constant communication and immediately alert you to any changes in circumstance as they arise.

Free Advice

Our initial consultations are completely free and we will not attempt to hard sell any of our services if they are not right for you.

Systems and Technology

From Windows to Linux and IOS to Android, we excel across a range of technologies and systems. We have over a decade of commercial experience developing software with technologies like ASP.NET, C#, PHP and SQL Server. We have also developed a number of large variety of business systems including Microsoft SharePoint and MetaStorm Workflow.

Database Development and Data Processing

The data held within your business database is critical to the future of your business. We offer a range of services to help you get more from of your most valuable asset.


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We can help you with database migrations and moving your data over to a new server


We can help you with report writing and custom SQL queries

Data Extraction

We can perform data extracts and data imports


We can help you archive old, redundant data to help speed up you database

Data Recovery

We can help with data recovery and system recoveries

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