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Artfilms Ltd are a global media retailer selling specialist films and media to universities, libraries, schools and private customers worldwide. Lennox IT have worked alongside them for many years helping them to manage their DVD eCommerce website and to develop their new Digital Streaming service.

  • Development (ASP.NET)
  • eCommerce
  • Websites
  • Server Management
  • IT Consultancy
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ArtFilms Ltd came to Lennox IT seeking support for their eCommere platform after their previous IT vendor ceased trading. Their system comprises 4 distinct ASP.NET websites along with a shared code library all built on top of a custom eCommerce platform.

Lennox IT have been involved with several major development projects over the years for ArtFilms Ltd including a redevelopment of the Digital Streaming service to thoroughly modernize and expand the functionality. As the media market shifts away from physical discs towards on-demand/streaming, the focus of ArtFilm's business has changed making this redevelopment extremely important for the future of the company.

We have also helped Artfilms to expand the platform for a global audience, adding advanced pricing and currency conversion to the site along with Geo-IP redirection and improved admin functionality to manage prices across different regions. This has been important to the company as they attempt to solidify their market position in the United States and Asia.

Server Management

One of the first projects that we worked on with ArtFilms Ltd was to spin off their UK operations to a new hosted VPS solution. The project involved setting up a new instance of their eCommerce application inside a Windows Server environment and reconfiguring it with a new payment gateway, with GBP as the primary currency, and with updated UK-Centric static content.

The project was a success and the UK site ran for several years until we were able to develop their DVD website to a point where it was able to support multiple currencies and regions. At this point we performed a full decommissioning of the UK server and transferred all traffic over to the VPS in Australia.

Whilst the project might have gone full circle it allowed the company to establish themselves in the UK and build the UK business whilst their eCommerce platform was in development.

IT Consultancy

In 2014 Artfilms Ltd performed a major transition away from their existing streaming platform provider towards a new, modernised service offering better storage,bandwidth, and cataloguing. The project involved transferring over 2 terrabytes worth of content and meta-data to the new service along with major architecture changes to their streaming website.

Lennox IT worked with Artfilms from the very outset of the project, consulting with various streaming service providers to find the perfect balance between cost and features. After selecting a partner we helped to both manage the project and perform crucial integration work implementing the service into Artfilm's digital streaming site. We also performed data migration to map the uploaded media files on the new service back to the old files so the switch-over to the new platform was seamless with no loss of service

What they have to say...

"I have been working with Lennox IT for two years now and I am more than very happy with their services. One one hand they have been an excellent creative partner in creating many new features in our streaming platform, occasionally re-programing existing parts from scratch. They quickly understood our industry, our requirements and ideas and added to the complex system many times. They are very reliable in maintaining our sites, attend problems immediately, communicate with customers directly if needed and attend all customer-specific requirements by maintaining our very complex global system. At one point I was trying to troubleshoot an Australian university customer's streaming authentication which happened around midnight GMT and Olly voluntarily joined the conversation on Skype and solved the problem. We highly appreciate the flexibility, dedication and talents of Lennox IT"

-Kriszta Doczy, Managing Director

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