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Horsley Lodge Golf Club is one of Derbyshire’s leading Golf, Hotel, Restaurant and Wedding Venues and has a very proactive approach to IT. Lennox IT manages its day to day IT infrastructure, EPOS systems, public and private WiFi, backup solutions, emails, and on-line presence.

  • IT Support
  • EPOS Systems
  • Network & Telcoms Installation
  • Website & eCommerce Creation
  • Hotel-Grade Public WiFi
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IT Support

For the last 10 years Lennox IT have helped Horsley Lodge build and maintain their IT infrastructure. Whilst their office needs are modest (4-6 Office PC), they have experienced major growth in the Hotel and Restaurant, prompting the installation of a large public WiFi network across the whole complex and the recent installation of an enterprise grade EPOS system from [COMPANY NAME].

We provide a fully managed back-up solution to Horsley Lodge along with NAS storage servers to help them centralise their office documents. We also installed a cloud email solution which we manage alongside their dedicated business application servers.

Website Development & E-Commerce

Horsley Lodge has seen regular updates to its website which we first launched for them back in [199#]. The lastest version features a responsive layout combined with a dedicated mobile version of the website created specifically for mobile devices. The website is built on WordPress to Horsley's exact specification and features integration with their Hotel and Golf booking systems along with their member's satellite website.

We have helped Horsley Lodge extensively with updates and new features to the website including a tracking system to monitor brochure downloads which integrates with MailChimp to help follow up on potential new customers. Recently we have also help them to set up a basic eCommerce solution so that they can sell off some excess stock from their on-site Pro Shop.


Horsley Lodge is a large complex spread over multiple buildings, each with unique challenges. We worked with Horsley - using existing sewer channels - to create a wired CAT-5 network spanning their entire site and which also forms the backbone of their public WiFi network which is available to guests, diners, and golf club members. The whole network has now grown to around 50 sockets, the most recent expansion made to accommodate their new EPOS till system.

Along with network repeaters, switches, and WiFi access points we have also recently installed a high grade load balancing solution to help manage traffic across the public network and keep the internal network secure. Our work was of a high enough standard to afford the club full PCI Compliance.

What they have to say...

"We've known Sam & Olly for many years and we couldn't imagine ever using anyone else to help with our IT. No matter what the problem, they are always able to provide us with a solution that is sensible and cost-effective"

- Richard & Malcolm Salt, Club Owners

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