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About the project

Irvings are one of Derby’s leading solicitors specialising in both personal and commercial practice. Lennox IT performed a full office move/install for the company in 2012 involving a complete CAT-6 network installation. We are also proud to be their current IT Support supplier and provide them with a range of support services.

  • CAT-6 Network Installation
  • Office Move
  • IT Support
  • Telecoms
  • Server Management
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Networking & Telecoms

Irvings Solicitors approached us in 2012 to help them move from their ageing offices in Derby's Cathedral Quarter to newer, refurbished premises on Ashbourne Road. The new premises required a complete wired network installation with the sockets terminating at a utility cupboard at the heart of the premises.

Lennox IT installed a 20 port, CAT-6 wired network throughout the Ashbourne Road office to support their 4 workstations, digital telephones, and office printers/scanners. We installed a 24 port network switch inside the cupboard and - to reduce costs - we leveraged their existing business router, reconfiguring it for the new office. Along with our partners at BT Local Business we also consulted with Irvings and helped them find the right Telecoms solution and provided assistance as the switchboard was fitted in the new premises.

Finally we were also on hand to physically move their IT hardware and install it into the new office so everything was ready to go on their first day of work.

IT Support

As with many small firms, Irvings had been reluctant to modernise their IT infrastructure and were running on old Windows XP workstations when we first met them. They were also in possession of an ageing Windows Small Business Server which was crashing frequently and greatly slowing down the speed of the network.

Lennox IT decommissioned Irving's server and replaced it with a simpler NAS solution for the company's shared documents. We also introduced managed cloud e-mail to reduce their IT footprint and installed our managed backup system to keep their data safe. Removing the server not only reduced Irving's IT support/maintenance requirements but also greatly improved the speed and reliability of their network - even with the old Windows XP systems still in place.

Since then we began a gradual process of replacing Irving's workstations with modern Windows 7 Dell systems - a project which was completed mid 2014. This has provided the company a solid, reliable foundation and helped to improve their general productivity over the old XP machines.

Lennox IT are proud to still be Irving Solicitor's main IT Support vendor and we continue to work with them on a regular basis.

What they have to say...

"We used to have all manner of problems with our computers but since these guys have come in we hardly ever need to call them out. I would thoroughly recommend Lennox IT"

- Ashley Picken, Managing Partner

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