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In 2 years Ratchet Clothing have grown from a small garage business to a leading fashion brand with over a £million turnover. Lennox IT have been there every step of the way to manage their IT infrastructure and grow the website from a small hosted eCommerce to a large, commercial-grade VPS solution.

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eCommerce Solution

Ratchet Clothing approached us in 2013 to help them expand their existing eCommerce business to cope with the growing demand from customers. The company was using a small "shop-in-a-box" solution hosted by BigCartel.com and whilst this was a perfect place to start, they were now struggling to cope the volume of orders that they were receiving.

Lennox IT worked with Ratchet Clothing to build a new commercial-grade eCommerce site based on the PrestaShop platform. We helped Ratchet to migrate their existing product catalogue from BigCartel and we also managed their SEO to ensure that the new site kept the same page ranking ("link juice") as their old BigCartel shop.

VPS Hosting

Due to the high traffic demands of the shop we built a complete VPS server farm for the new Ratchet Clothing website including a Load Balancer, dedicated SQL database server, and 2 (later 3) front-end web servers. The server farm gave us the flexibility to effectively manage Ratchet's traffic and cope with their peak business hours which would often see high spikes of traffic up to 5 times their average load.

The load balancer was configured with an SSL secure certificate to provide complete security and privacy to Ratchet's customers and the dedicated SQL server was configured with local end-points only to prevent a remote attack on the company's data.


As an on-line retailer, IT systems are extremely important to Ratchet and have a huge impact on the business. Lennox IT have helped Ratchet to manage their on-line business by customizing their PrestaShop platform and providing additional functionality to their admin dashboard.

We developed additional management reports to help them optimize their manufacturing so less stock needs to be held in the warehouse. We also streamlined their order processing work-flow to reduce the admin burden so orders could be processed and shipped more efficiently.

Lennox IT have also helped Ratchet to manage their MySQL company database and we performed a full data migration for them earlier this year as part of a systems upgrade, transferring over 50,000 customer records and 30,000 order records in the process.

What they have to say...

"There used to just be 3 of us working out of a small office in my Dad's workshop but now we employ over 30 staff, have opened 3 stores across the UK, and are selling our brand all over the world. Lennox IT have helped us to grow the company and we are very grateful for the work they've done for us"

- Dhillan Bhardwaj, Business Owner

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