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Sitwell Investments have built some of the most stunning properties throughout Derbyshire and continue to lead the industry in both quality and implementation. Lennox IT manages their IT infrastructure and have provided IT Consultancy over many areas for the company.

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IT Support

Sitwell Investments approached us in 2013 after losing faith in their existing IT Support vendor. They felt that our Pay-as-you-go package offered great value-for-money whilst still providing a high level of service to suit the demands of their business.

As a credit to their former IT Suppliers we found Sitwell's infrastructure to be in overall good condition. They were using modern Windows 7 workstations and their server was running a standard Windows SBS deployment with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory enabled. Without any major overhaul required, we simply performed a standard health check for Sitwell and made sure their back-ups were being saved correctly.

Since then we have performed several routine maintenance and support tasks at Sitwell including cleaning down server back-ups, fixing a slow-booting workstation, and diagnosing problems with their SMTP email service.

CCTV Systems

In addition to our work at Sitwell Investment's main office we have worked with the managing director at his substantial property in Derbyshire to resolve issues with his home broadband and CCTV systems. The work involved reconfiguring his home network to allow remote access to the CCTV server and also switching broadband suppliers to resolve port-blocking issues which his old supplier.

IT Consultancy

Lennox IT have consulted with Sitwell Investments since the split with old IT Vendor and helped them to establish ownership over the company web domains and advised them on how to proceed with their email hosting/forwarding. We also assisted the managing director resolve issues with his home broadband provider and helped him with the move to a new broadband package.

What they have to say...

"Lennox IT are a great asset to the firm and have been very helpful keeping our computers up and running. It's rare that you find an IT company that is so accommodating and willing to help out wherever needed"

-Noel Spiteri, Managing Director

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