Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology

Your businesses is filled with highly-skilled engineers, technicians or specialists working hard to deliver high-quality products & services to your customers. Let our team of highly skilled IT engineers take care of your computer systems so your staff can focus their technical skills on what they do best.

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Your technology is our specialty

We are a small team of dedicated IT specialists with a broad range of skills across IT systems, cloud computing, networking, software systems and databases. As a technical business your requirements might be unique, involving specialist software, hardware and processes. We can work alongside your technical teams to integrate your technology into your broader IT landscape and create an efficient, unified solution for your business.

Flexible solutions to fit your budget

We support a wide range of clients from large, nationwide manufacturers to smaller engineering and development/tech firms. All of them have completely different priorities and budgets so our service provides the flexibility to match. Choose from different payment plans and products which can be tailored to match your requirements and budget. We can work as a complete IT department for your business or provide ad-hoc assistance to your in-house IT team.

Compliance & Security

If you business is working towards quality marks like ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials Plus then we have experience delivering compliant solutions and we can work alongside your quality officers to ensure that you meet these goals. We also work with latest security tools and can help with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to ensure that your business is protected against current cyber threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Enterprise-grade IT at a fraction of the cost

We utilize the Microsoft 365 platform to offer enterprise-grade IT at a price that is affordable to even micro businesses. Everything scales by the number of devices you have and so you are only ever paying for what you need. Being a cloud-based system, staff can work from anywhere and your business can expand to new locations without any expensive infrastructure or additional overheads.

Complete WiFi and Data Cabling Services

We have extensive experience cabling workshops, factories, dispatch yards and technical rooms / labs. We work with latest technologies including WiFi 7, 10GE ethernet, fibre and point-to-point systems. We can deal with low-latency, high capacity systems compatible with handheld PDQs / scanners and capable of supporting 1000s of devices and sensors.

Full Stack Integration

Using Microsoft 365 as your central company directory and means of authentication, we can help you connect other business systems like Salesforce, Opera and Sage 200/Production into your cloud environment and assist your development teams to bring together your various cloud portals and logins into a unified user-experience for your staff. We have extensive experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and Amazon Web Services and we can fully manage your cloud infrastructure as well as any servers on-prem or in datacentres.

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