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The travel and hospitality industry have led the way in terms of technology. From online bookings, reviews and apps to social media dominance, it is vital in this marketplace to have strong digital fundamentals. We are here to help manage your IT and digital infrastructure.

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IT that goes where you do

Whether you are opening a new venue - or have staff and reps spread out across the world - you need IT that can allow your business to collaborate and grow no matter where you are. We utilize the Microsoft 365 platform to offer enterprise-grade, fully cloud computing that works the same whether you are sat in an office or a Tiki bar. Everything scales by the number of devices you have and so you are only ever paying for what you need and there is no need for expensive servers or networking equipment.

Flexible solutions to fit your budget

We support a wide range of clients from large travel agents and restaurant chains to independent event’s organisers, hotels and pubs. All of them have completely different priorities and budgets so our service provides the flexibility to match. Choose from different payment plans and services which can be tailored to match your requirements and budget

Managed Wi-Fi solutions

We have installed a number of public wireless networks designed to work with 100s or 1000s of devices and including features like Facebook login, bandwidth/app throttling, remote monitoring and content filtering. Our wireless solutions not only get your customers connected but can also provide a backbone for your PDQ payment devices, tills, iPads, tablets and laptops. Using the latest internet technologies like Starlink and 5g mobile networks we can even bring internet to remote and rural areas that were previously impossible to connect.

Worldwide control and visibility

Using the latest cloud management tools we can control company accounts, devices and data no matter where it is in the world (or just in the county!). Your entire IT systems can be fully managed through the cloud, giving us the ability to lockout or wipe a device at the touch of button no matter where it is. We can also track your devices or ship new devices out to remote sites/locations to help power your mobile workforce

Mobile IT Solutions

We understand that your staff don't always work behind a desk and you need technology that can move where they do. Our technology works seamlessly between Phones, Tablets and Laptops and apps like Microsoft Teams allow you to take a meeting on your iPhone while simple cloud payment systems like SumUp can be used to take payments directly from your tablet. Wherever you want to take your technology, we can help you get there.

Full Stack Integration

Using Microsoft 365 as your central company directory and means of authentication, we can help you connect other business systems like Salesforce and Jira into your cloud environment and assist your development teams to bring together your various cloud portals and logins into a unified user-experience for your staff. We have extensive experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and Amazon Web Services and we can fully manage your cloud infrastructure as well as any servers on-prem or in datacentres.

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