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Cash is a thing of the past and cashless till systems, online bookings and integrated loyalty apps have become an essential part of the industry. All of this requires a solid IT infrastructure with strong technical fundamentals, which is exactly what we do.

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Powering commerce through technology

In 2024, modern retail must be built upon a solid IT backbone. We have extensive experience providing high-speed, reliable wired and wireless networks which can handle anything you care to throw at them. We frequently work with mobile PDQs and tablet/iPad based till systems, large-scale Sonos and audio-visual systems, distributed sales teams working via Salesforce or Dynamics and using distributed call centres. If your business is selling then let us help you sell.

Flexible solutions to fit your budget

We support a wide range of clients from large restaurant and retail chains to smaller mechanics and auto dealers. All of them have completely different priorities and budgets so our service provides the flexibility to match. Choose from different payment plans and products which can be tailored to match your requirements and budget. We can work as a complete IT department for your business or provide ad-hoc assistance to your in-house IT team.

Managed Wi-Fi solutions

We have installed a number of public wireless networks designed to work with 100s or 1000s of devices and including features like Facebook login, bandwidth/app throttling, remote monitoring and content filtering. Using the latest internet technologies like Starlink and 5g mobile networks we can even bring internet to remote and rural areas that were previously impossible to connect.

Enterprise-grade IT at a fraction of the cost

We utilize the Microsoft 365 platform to offer enterprise-grade IT at a price that is affordable to even micro businesses. Everything scales by the number of devices you have and so you are only ever paying for what you need. Being a cloud-based system, staff can work from anywhere and your business can expand to new locations without any expensive infrastructure or additional overheads.

We won’t let you down

We understand that any down time, however short, will cost you money and so we strive to install reliable, resilient systems built on tried-and-tested hardware. Our helpdesk is manned 5 days per week and we offer out-of-hours call out services around the clock. All of our support plans include extensive pro-active remote monitoring so we are ready to respond to problems immediately before you even know something has gone wrong.

Full Stack Integration

Using Microsoft 365 as your central company directory and means of authentication, we can help you connect other business systems like Salesforce and Jira into your cloud environment and assist your development teams to bring together your various cloud portals and logins into a unified user-experience for your staff. We have extensive experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and Amazon Web Services and we can fully manage your cloud infrastructure as well as any servers on-prem or in datacentres.

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