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The financial and legal industries are typically built on robust, tried-and-tested technologies that reduce business risk while meeting compliance and regulatory obligations. Our IT solutions achieve all of this while also bringing in the latest technologies and modern advancements.

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Working in a post-COVID world

Since the COVID pandemic, the way that we work has forever changed - especially for knowledge-based businesses like legal and finance. Most companies still find value in having a central place of operations but want the flexibility of working from home too. Our modern, cloud based IT systems allow the flexibility to work wherever you like without compromises or cumbersome remote-access technologies.

Adhering to industry standards

We utilize the Microsoft 365 platform to offer enterprise-grade, fully cloud computing that offers peace-of-mind computing that adheres to all current regulations and compliance requirements. Everything scales by the number of devices you have and so you are only ever paying for what you need and there is no need for expensive servers or complex networking equipment.

Keeping your client information safe

Our backup solutions can store client files indefinitely and by utilizing Microsoft’s secure SharePoint environment, all files are fully audited and version controlled so you can roll back to a previous version with the click of a button. If your files are currently stored on a dusty old server in the corner of the office then we can help you migrate them off.

Accounting solutions

We have extensive experience with accounting products like Sage 50/200/Payroll, Xero and Quickbooks. We can help you to manage these systems and we have helped several customers deliver cloud-hosted solutions to work alongside Microsoft 365 and utilize the latest technologies like Windows 365 remote desktop.

Moving towards paperless

Printing costs remain high while the reasons to print continue to diminish. Modern cloud working reduces the need to print and continuing advancements in scanning (like scanning straight from your smartphone) make it easier to digitize old documents. We can help you to ditch the paper files and bring order to the chaos.

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