How much does it cost?

Our fantastic IT support doesn't cost the earth and might save you money

Take a look inside our support charges

We pride ourselves on pricing all of our services fairly so that our clients receive a great deal and competitive prices whilst we maintain a healthy, stable business. Lennox IT is a small company and all of our staff work directly with clients so every penny you spend with us goes directly towards expert IT support for your business.

Computers are complicated and hiring someone to maintain and support your IT systems can be expensive. In the Derby and Nottingham area a "basic" IT technician will take home around £18,000 per year whilst an experienced systems engineer can cost anywhere up to £40k and beyond.

Lennox IT brings this level of expertise to your business at a fraction of this price with many of our customers paying less than £1,000 per year for the same level of  care and expertise that having a £40,000 engineer on site would bring.  We have decades of experience delivering IT solutions and you can read in our case studies what our existing customers have to say about us.

What's more, we are proactive in helping our customers to save money and most of our customers see a year on year fall in the cost of their support as a result of the work that we do.


 Let’s see the figures!


In the table below we have taken some example figures from our books to give you an idea of what our clients are spending with us.

All prices below INCLUDE THE COST OF ALL HARDWARE / SOFTWARE  that we supplied to our clients.


Sector Employees 2017 2018 2019 Package
Legal/Finance 10 £3,300 £1,865 £890 Small Business Package
Construction 40 £5,482 £4,380 £3,899 Enterprise IT Support
Manufacturing/Engineering 30 £3,620 £2,400 £1,775 Enterprise IT Support
Commercial 60 £7,050 £6,380 £5,826 Premium IT Support


 Medium to Large Enterprises

Our larger clients (50 + employees) have very specific IT requirements and much higher demand for support than our smaller clients. It’s impossible to estimate generic costs for these type of businesses so if you would like a quote, please get in contact with us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.


 Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)


As a guide, most of our SME clients (10-50 employees) spend on average between £300 – £1,350 with us (support and hardware) per month depending on the number of employees they have and their IT requirements. As you would expect, a business’s IT requirements scale relative to their size so if your business is small then you could expect to spend less whilst larger companies will spend a bit more.


Micro Businesses & Tradesmen


Most of our  smaller customers (1-10 employees) find that their first year’s spend will usually be higher whilst we make improvements to IT systems, purchase new hardware and bring things up to scratch. However once our IT systems are in place then the cost usually drops down dramatically with clients on average spending between £zero – £80 / month with us depending on how comfortable they are dealing with minor issues themselves.

 Want to know more?


If you would like to know anything else about our pricing or just our support in general then get in contact!


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