The Sky is not the limit - A SpaceX Starlink Story
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The Sky is not the limit – A SpaceX Starlink Story

“An innovative solution that exceeded all expectations”

Esland Care LTD – 2022

How do we deliver?

With SpaceX, OneWeb and other competitors with comprehensive low-latency satellite internet solutions all delivering a high-quality product, we as an IT Services and B2B support company look at how we can leverage this perhaps niche networking method as a backbone IT products like O365, Emails and sharepoint.

We’ve been hugely successful with almost a dozen individual SpaceX Starlink Internet installs in places as remote as Quarnford and Swinderby and as ‘built up’ as Burton-On-Trent. Every install has had a significant performance improvement from exasperated clients who’ve been suffering with either Openreach or Virgin media outright refusing to service their street with high performance internet for years. A new competitor who can challenge these providers on a… Astronomical level is certainly a welcome addition to the otherwise crowded ISP market.

Technology aside..

It’s all well and good when we can promise to clients the massive improvements these new solutions provide, but we found ourselves in a conundrum when it came to the physical constructions of these weighty dishes.

The Starlink kit comes with a basic stand that you can pop on the floor and have the dish on a patio or on a flat roof outside and that will absolutely work.. But for us the standard bracket didn’t offer the rigidity or the stability we felt we required.

We went ahead and explored our options. SpaceX do sell various wall-mount & roof-mounting hardware, However we felt that the hardware didn’t meet our requirements. If you are a regular blog reader, you will understand that we did have a unique requirement in Quarnford; One of their buildings is a farm house on a slope that is in a unique position where it is almost constantly battered by high winds and very harsh environmental conditions.

If it’s one thing that SpaceX Starlink and ‘old-fashioned’ Satellite Internet dishes have in common, it’s that an unstable mounting solution & the dish shaking in the wind would have disastrous effects for the connection & network jitter.

The Lennox IT Solution

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions to even the most complex of problems, and especially those where most other IT Companies would simply hold up their hands and walk away from the problem!

Drawing up a solution we created a construction that we were sure was absolutely rigid, made up of about 40kg of pure steel. Overkill? Yes. Did it meet our requirements? Yes.

Later we went onto significantly reduce the footprint of this initial design and build it into something that could be easily maneuvered and easily installed as after installing that V1 dish mount, it was really a 3 man job.

Our Latest Design…

We wanted to produce something that we wanted to bring to market. We feel like we invested a great deal of time and effort in the design and production phase of these mounting brackets, and seeing as there was nothing like this on the market to begin with, we wanted to bring it to the market!

Every single one of these brackets is hand-made & structurally tested to ensure every single bracket meets our strict requirements.

So.. Where can I get one?

We have a listing on E-bay where you can procure them. We do insist that these brackets should be professionally installed, and if you are local to Horsley/Smalley DE21 5BL (within 15-20 miles) we can refer you to whom we rely on to install these brackets for a reasonable fee. Any good local contractor will be able to install this for you and we very much recommend an experienced contractor to tackle this install.

The listing:

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