Sage Error:  Username is in use – the program cannot connect you at this time
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Sage Error: Username is in use – the program cannot connect you at this time


Lennox IT: Bussiness Support Derby:  Sage Username is in use error

When seeing this error your only option is to click OK which isn’t very helpful. Even after a full system reboot the same thing happens. Note that I use Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2011 (v17) but I’ve had the same thing happen before in Sage 2010, 2007

  1. Click on Start–>My Computer
  1. Double click on the C:\ drive or whichever drive letter has your \Documents and Settings\ folder on and double click to go into the \Documents and Settings\ folder
  2. Double click to go into the \All Users\ folder
  3. Double click to go into the \Application Data\ folder
    [if you can’t see an \Application Data\ folder and the first in the list alphabetically is \Desktop\ then you need to click on Tools in the menu bar, the Folder Options, then click on the View tab and look in the list for “Show hidden files and folders” and select this option, then you should be able to see the \Application Data\ folder although it might look feint or greyed out.
  4. Once in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ folder scroll down and then double click on \Sage\ folder
  5. Double click to go into the \Accounts\ folder
  6. Then depending on when you first setup the account click to go into that year, in my case I have a \2010\ and a \2011\ folder but my data is in the \2010\ folder so double click to go into the year.
  7. You should then see a \Company.000\ folder, I assume that if you have a license for multiple company accounts there may be several of these, one for each company accounts but in my instance I have a single user and single company licence so I just have one \Company.000\ so click to go into that
  8. Once in \Company.000\ click on the \ACCDATA\ folder
  9. Nearly there…. I am now in the following directory:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Accounts\2010\Company.000\ACCDATA\
  10. There will be lots of files with a .dta file extension in here, simply scroll down to until you see QUEUE.DTA and select it.
  11. At this point you could (but don’t)  just delete QUEUE.DTA as this is the file that is locking you out from Sage and will be recreated when you next login and no company information will be lost at all. But rather than just deleting the file, it is better practice to rename this file to something different so that if it does break something, you can rename it back to the original and no harm is done.
  12. Right click on QUEUE.DTA and choose rename.
  13. Type in a new filename, in this case I’ll rename it to QUEUE.DTA.OLD and hit enter.
  14. Now try logging into Sage Account again and you should be all fixed.


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