Sky Go Error after Windows 10 Upgrade: "An Error Has Occurred, The Application Must Now Terminate"
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Sky Go Error after Windows 10 Upgrade: “An Error Has Occurred, The Application Must Now Terminate”

Sky Go Error after Windows 10 Upgrade: “An Error Has Occurred, The Application Must Now Terminate”

Some users trying to use Sky Go on may see this error pop up while buffering a video. This issue is related to a problem with the default date format that is changed when windows 10 upgrades.

In order to resolve this issue, you can try to change the date format following these instructions:


Right click on the windows logo at the bottom left of the screen and open control panel


Click on: “Clock, Language and Region”


Click on: “Date and Time”


Under the “Region” heading Click on: “Change date, time or number formats”


Change the Short date to: “dd/MM/yy”


Change the Long date to: “dddd,MMMM dd,yyyy”


Click “Apply or OK”

Restart your browser and Sky Go should be back to normal.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Great fix cheers

  2. Kieran Quaid says:

    Thank you Sam – frustrating how something so simple can cause the app not to work.

  3. Gerry says:

    Thanks for the help. Fixed the problem in 5 minutes compared to the hour I spent on the Sky site!! Cheers.

  4. Steve says:

    U Genius!!!! It works perfectly. Nice 1 !!!

  5. Adrian says:

    Many thanks on your advice with a problem on Sky go/windows10.
    It worked straight away!
    kind regards

  6. stuart says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working. I have changed the short date but the only long date options I have are:
    dd MMMM yyyy
    d MMMM yyyy
    dddd, d MMMM yyyy
    dddd, dd MMMM yyyy

    I’ve tried all 4 but no joy.

    • Olly Lennox says:

      Hi Stuart, Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Have you tried removing the app from your computer and downloading/installing a fresh copy? Also are you definitely running Windows 10 (UK version)?

      • Eilidh says:

        I have the exact same issue in that my date format options don’t include dddd,MMMM dd,yyyy. I’ve also tried the four I do have, to no avail. I have removed UK English and set US as my default and then switched them back again. I am pretty sure I am running UK version of everything and I’m really confused as to how Sky Go has stopped working suddenly as I have been using it on IE for a couple of months with no problems, but I’ve had Windows 10 this whole time. The only thing I can think of that I have done differently is to update my display adapter the other day. I don’t know all that much about the inner workings so I don’t even know if that could have an effect or how to fix it if it IS the cause but I’m starting to get really frustrated now. When you say try reinstalling the app, are you talking about the settings app..? Thanks.

  7. Brilliant !!!!! says:

    Absolute fantastic.

    Thank you so much. Gerry’s comment is quite true – I must have spent over 30 mins stressing before coming across this fix. Why could SKY not have been more use.

    Regards Chris

  8. T-MAC says:

    I may be a bit slow but on clicking the long date option, I did not have the option to select “dddd,MMMM dd,yyyy”…..I only had “dddd,MMMM d,yyyy” i.e only one ‘d’ for the number of the day of the month. Eventually (duh), I just clicked into the above string of letters and inserted another ‘d’ into the string. clicked on ‘apply’ and hey presto, the date on the bottom right hand of my PC changed from ‘3’ (Jan) to ’03’ January 2016. SKY GO IS NOW working again. Why SKY can’t put your simple fix on their ‘help’ webpage??? It’s crazy you have to surf around hoping to get lucky. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction, much appreciated….Tam Fae Glasgow

  9. MF says:

    The same error message as others experienced appeared on 1 Jan. Phoned Sky on 2/1 spent nearly an hour trying various settings including uninstall and reinstall Silverlight to no avail. Sky escalated issue promise to ring back in 72 hours which never happened. Quick search found your post and after following your instructions, in a matter of minutes I got Sky Go working again. I basically only needed to change the Region to English UK as it was set to English US as default. Such a simple solution, I wish Sky knew this. Thanks!!

  10. james says:

    Unfortunately I am still having difficulty. I have changed the short date and the long date. I have received installed silver light and rebooted but I am still getting the same message.

  11. Iain Yule says:

    To Sam,
    Don’t know how you found this solution, but thank you so much. Now works fine.

  12. benme says:

    just change to English and uk setting will it all for you

  13. Mark says:

    Wow, what an odd fix. Works though. Happy days 🙂

  14. Pete says:

    Excellent and thank you.
    Start of the Super League season and I Sky Go was not working. Only missed 10 minutes thanks to you.

  15. dq says:

    thank you worked a charm

  16. April says:

    You are literally a life saver!
    How frustrating that was!

  17. Mark10748 says:

    I get this error but I don’t have windows 10 I’m running vista and the fix isn’t working. Help

  18. Pat says:

    I get this error after about 10 mins watching any channel. I have changed Windows 10 to UK English. I changed the short and long dates, but my long date doesn’t match exactly. I have: dddd, d. MMMM yyyy. I saw a previous poster said he manually changed this, but I have been unable to change it. Also I am watching from Germany using Hola. Any help appreciated.

  19. Peter says:

    Nothing seems to work for me and ive spent hours if not days on this going around and around. This is a terrible system.

  20. George says:

    I’m also having the issue. It happens at almost precisely 10min intervals, which is getting incredibly frustrating. I’ve checked all the language settings I can find and made sure that they’re all on UK English (the date format, but keyboard language, etc) and it keeps reoccurring. PLEASE, are there any other fixes? I’d also appreciate a quick explanation as to why this is happening. It only started about two-three weeks ago with me but I didn’t do any updates around that time..

  21. reddude says:

    Ive tried these steps several times and more. It simply does not work. I have changed the long date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight. Ive restarted the Pc. It just does not work. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP??!!!

  22. Qweencece says:

    I have done everything above and still it does not work and I had to manually change the long date because there was no option for it but it still does not work

  23. Andrew Ward says:

    i’m running Windows vista and my SkyGo closes with the error message after exactly 10minutes. I’ve tried the various reformatting of dates fix and reinstalling Silverlight etc etc, no joy though. Anyone else running Windows Vista managed to resolve this issue?

  24. Isaac says:

    Any help with what to do with this error on a MacBook?

  25. vince Bennett says:

    “An error occurred The application must now terminate.” this fix worked for me, sign in to sky go – click “On now” when error message comes up click on it , Silverlight box now shows click on that and Silverlight bigger box comes up now right click on last box on top row something like “Application Storage” if http// skygo is in the list delete it then go back and try skygo again should work seems this problem has been around since 2012 Good luck

  26. Lee Avery says:

    I’m running Windows 8 and it has stopped running AGAIN. Why is Sky so poor? Technologically so backward.

  27. Mark says:

    Hi do you have a fix for new Sky Go app echo issues?

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